The RedStone Group: Facilitators of Food and Service Excellence

The RedStone Group represents "Blue Chip" manufacturers within the Food Service Industries (Equipment, Furniture, and Supplies). These manufacturers are leading the way in environmentally friendly equipment.

We offer a training kitchen and testing facility for our customers to use at our Colorado Corporate Office. Use our equipment to test your new recipes or train your staff.

We resolve to be the absolute best in offering unparalleled service and support to our customers.

We are A Paradigm Member


Furniture Collection

The Redstone Group offers a full collection of furniture at the Corporate Office in Colorado. Click on the video below to view our Furniture Collection. more

  • Facilitators of Food and Service Excellence with offices located in the Rocky Mountain region.

  • Food service providers for the cooking, refrigeration, and furniture segments.

  • We work with the leading food service manufacturers to bring your company the best possible product.