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From faux stone to wood inlays, from maple and oak veneer to exotic woods, and from rustic to modern. Our contemporary dining tables are the benchmark of hospitality tables. See what our creative tables can do for your hospitality needs.

Premier Custom Table Manufacturer
Handmade in the USA since 1979

There was a time when handmade meant something. It meant creativity, pride, attention to detail, even esthetic perfection. Our challenge today is to live up to these time proven attributes by calling our products “handmade”, and challenge every craftsman in our factory to commit themselves to maintaining these goals.

For our satisfied customers, whether your tastes run to contemporary chic, natural elements, or our popular rustic line; we are confident that our quality craftsmanship will meet or exceed your high standards. Experience the culture of true art knowing that all our tables are created using only the finest ingredients specifically chosen to build you lasting value. We are obsessed with helping you make a quality image statement.

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