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Our mission at Master Fabricators is to never compromise on quality and to keep our customers completely satisfied by providing custom counters at a very competitive price. The excellent staff from our national equipment representatives and our employees at Master Fabricators will guide you with their extensive knowledge and experience, keeping you informed of the status throughout the production process. We pride ourselves in using the best quality materials, having the best-skilled craftsmen, and working alongside the country’s best sales representatives.

Cirilo Counter Collection: Our most sophisticated counter option. These modern counters are themselves artwork that will endure many years of service. Superior durability and trouble-free maintenance optimize the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of our counter collection. The Cirilo Counter Collection is fabricated to exceed your expectations.

Unity Modular Collection: The Unity Modular Collection is designed to give our customers the option to change a section of their serving line with minimal downtime and in the most cost-effective manner. We pay close attention to the functionality of our counter lines. Each section can be fabricated with custom tray slides and unique panel finishes. The Master Fabricator’s modular line can be designed as independent units, but together form the look comparative to a continuous serving line.

Leo Utility Collection: Custom chef’s counters, dish tables, share carts to milk carts. The Leo Utility Collection is designed to make your workstations functional yet stylish. As with all our products Master Fabricators takes care and pride in all our custom pieces. We use 304 stainless steel on each piece of equipment to maintain the quality from the front of the kitchen to service stations.

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