2020 School Solutions


Nikki shows you all the many ways you can use the Mightylite, and a few not–so–recommended uses….

Metro also has a promo running through September 30th on their heated cabinets!


Metro Mightylite Insulated Food Carriers

Mightylite ML180XL Series Insulated Top-Load Food Carriers are a great solution for schools to transport lunches in the new–normal we’re all getting used to. We’d love to help you use the Mightylite this school year – check out what the Mightylite can do!

Shelley Serving Lines by Delfield

The Delfield Shelleyglas and Shelleysteel lines are stylish and functional serving equipment. Extremely durable and customizable with plenty of designer graphics and colors to create the look you want. They are rugged and versatile serving lines, offering an almost unlimited selection of designs, laminate colors and configurations to suit your needs.

Professional Cooking Equipment by Cleveland

Cleveland manufactures a wide range of braising pans, tilt skillets, steam jacketed kettles, traditional steamers, boilerless steamers and more! With equipment that fits every school nutrition program, Cleveland makes reliable, efficient models available in both gas and electric.

Cleveland has a promotion on the Steamchef that ends September 30th!

Nikki shows off San Jamar’s insulated bags and other solutions for adapting to serving food with enhanced sanitation in classrooms.

Carlisle & San Jamar Bags & Cleaning Caddys

As schools are adapting to the new normal coming this fall we’ve put together some solutions for delivering meals to classrooms as well as keeping them clean and sanitary.

San Jamar’s insulated bags, paired with a Carlisle Coolcheck, are a great way to keep drinks cold in the classroom while being lightweight and easy to clean.

With Kleen Pail Caddy’s you’ll be able to wipe down surfaces and keep all your cleaning supplies in one convenient spot. Add pre-measured sanitizer & cleaner packs, and a saf-check and you’ll have an all-in-one solution. 

Place hand wash timers at every sink to encourage students to thoroughly clean their hands. Let’s conquer covid together!

Walk-In Coolers and Freezers by Kolpak

Kolpak is the cold standard for walk-in refrigeration and freezers. From their fully custom solution to Polar Pak and Pre-Engineered there’s three ways to get Kolpak in your kitchen.

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