Carlisle Cateraide™ Insulated Beverage Server

Carlisle Cateraide™ Insulated Beverage Server

The Cateraide™ line offers important features you have come to rely on.

  • Designed to meet tough NSF standards
  • Made of rugged, stain- and scratch-resistant polyethylene
  • All Cateraides are filled with extra thick foam insulation for maximum temperature retention
  • Smooth interior walls and rounded corners leaves no food traps for quick clean-up
  • Thick lids ensure top performance and temperature retention
  • Nylex II™ latches have no sharp edges, won’t rust, bend, or dent like metal
  • Latches are mounted into steel reinforcement plates for long life
  • “Spring action” faucet for dripless service
  • Reinforced, tight-fitting lids with O-ring seals prevent leaks and provide increased heat retention
  • Scratch-resistant polyethylene exterior
  • Convenient pop-up vent
  • Convex lid design prevents leaks during use as pressure increases
  • Easy-grip, formed handles for transporting; NSF Listed

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