The Redstone Group specializes in providing foodservice equipment, supplies and furniture for many different restaurant environments. We become a strong resource for you when you are deciding on “how” and “what” to equip your kitchen and dining spaces with.

From walk-in coolers and accelerated cooking systems to seating options and the items that keep your kitchen pristine, The Redstone Group has the product expertise and manufacturer coverage to bring your culinary delights from fresh to flawless.

In addition, The Redstone Group has test kitchens and training facilities allowing you the opportunity to experiment with equipment recommendations, test out your menu options and provide training for you and your staff.

Cook Faster with Merrychef!

Cook Faster with Merrychef!

Watch Alfred and Nikki demonstrate cooking an entire meal in less than 2 minutes! Available as a high powered unit cooking up to 20x faster with a 2000W microwave, 2200W convection and tuned impingement, or standard powered. cooking up to 12x faster with a 1000W...